Monday, October 11, 2010

From Across the Room

Don't know where the time has gone....seems like yesterday but here we are 31 years together and 30 years married October 20. Looking forward to the next 30...LOL


From across the room our eyes lock in a knowing stare,
One that asks: do you come here or do I go there?
There's a stirring as I gaze into those deep dark eyes,
Warming, pulsing, creeping now into my squirming thighs.

Eyes! Those Eyes! Oh! I dare not move or look away,
Drawing me to the place I know I'll want to stay.
I feel your touch that sparks the flame of flesh and soul,
One that leaves me trembling, breathless beyond control.

The room dims as time melts, so does my heart,
I wonder if this will end, or is it just a start?
God! I love your smile; the rest I just adore.
Minds come together as if we've been here before.

As he stands and walks my way, my heart leaps into my throat.
“Ready to go home, honey? I'll get your coat”

Cecelia 2009
30 years and counting


Anonymous said...

wow!!! happy anniversary in advance cecelia!!!

Joanne Cucinello said...

Congratulations Cecelia!!
May your love continue on and on and on. Be blessed!

Cecelia's Place said...

Thank you Mamta and Joanne, my dear friends....always there encouraging..Love you both.