Monday, May 17, 2010

Where Do You Go?

Where do you go when there is no place to go?

Do you sail from the port of emptiness,
Blown by the winds of destiny,
Riding the waves of discontent?.

When you bought this boat...

There were dreams of sunny weather,
Blue skies, blue waters, warm breezes
teasing your hair, kissing your skin.

Spirit lifted, you flew to the sun!

Angel wings for sails....
Sails of wonder fill your head
With destinations and ports ahead.

Now you ask yourself...

Is this the forever-after...
The forever-after that flat-lines
Into an endless horizon?

Change course, GPS new ports of laughter ?


1 comment:

Tess said...

wow, i was not expecting that ending. yes, time to steer the gps toward laughter. i did enjoy this piece though. readuing it over again it almost seems haunting or teasing....hmm!!