Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sometimes Lovers, Sometimes Friends

How many times will I look across a crowded room
and you are there?
How many times will I walk around a corner
and you are there?
How many lifetimes will I have to live before
you are no longer there?

Reasons? Seasons? Beats the hell outta me!
What have these encounters taught me.....? Ha!

You would think by now
.....To be careful with my heart.
You would think by now
.....Not to look into those eyes.
You would think by now
.....To take a deep breath and run.

Yet I don't and won't......
My soul knows yours...... Oh! So well!

My ears know the sound of your voice calling me
.....I respond
My fingers know every line and curve, ache to touch
.....I reach out.
My eyes recognize the spark, shining through yours
.....Promising eternity.

Sometimes lovers, sometimes friends,
This time both.....

I close my eyes, wondering.....
Is this the lifetime it will end....
Or will the promise of eternity
Always be ours?



Margaret Hall said...

Oft times, as you have written, we are so linked to our SoulMates and eternity is the final answer...Nicely written, Cecelia..

Mamta said...

very profound . i love the topic of soulmates. and yes its eternal.

Tess said...

This is so full of heart ache and yet so beautiful...

Cecelia's Place said...

Thank you much....