Monday, May 11, 2009

Gentle Grace

My Art

With quiet beauty
and gentle grace,
you kissed my hands,
and washed my face.

You took the time
to brush my tears,
holding me close,
calming my fears.

You were the rock
on which I stood ,
Made me believe
I really could.

All that I am
and hope to be
Came from the love
you gave to me!



Tess said...

Cecelia, This is beautiful. The drawing and the poem. Well done, a wonderful tribute!!

Cecelia's Place said...

Thank you very much Tess. Coming from you it means a lot. Cecelia

irenet said...

Simply sweet!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome tribute. the sketch is also beautiful.

poetrydances said...

Absolutely love this one Cecelia- and your artwork is truly excellent-
thanks Tony

phibby said...

what a beautiful photograph..and the poem is so compassionate and lovely.