Friday, October 9, 2009

Uh Oh!!

If you're here I'm afraid you have caught me "with my poetry down" lol

I would apologize for this most neglected site except that you can find me one of these places...

I'm reading and enjoying the great art, stories and original music of my California friends Cheryl and Emerson Martlage This is the neatest widget I have seen. Mouse it, pick a song and listen. How cool is this?

Or I'm hanging out with great artists and musicians at this newly opened site of my friend Michele Andree Lemieux in Canada. Imagine interviews with great artists and musicians from around the world..Actually you don't have to imagine...They bare their souls about their art and their music ...if you into jazz you are in for a special treat. There are also articles on Health and Wellness

Like Minds

Then from Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates Mamta Madhaven. This woman is a master at many, many poetry styles.
glimpses of me.

Great insightful poetry by my friend Jeanne Schneider in New Jersey
The Owl Child Diaries

From New York Joanne Cucinello 's brilliant poetry and illustrations at
I See The Bridge

From the Philippines one of the most dedicated men and poets around
Beyond Text

You must not miss the poetry of one of my most favorite writers Arthur Kelly
from the United Kingdom. Here is a link to his poetry....
Arthur Kelly on Poetrydances.....

Mixed bag of goodies..poetry and crafts and.....from Theresa Mahieu The HeART of Words

and then there's celebrity news to read at Yvonne Elmasri's site..All the newest news on your favorite celebrities

There are many more, but this should keep you busy for a while so you don't notice what a terrible blog keeper I

To me these are the best of the best.......Check 'em out and if you should still by chance want to read my humble works.. There are some here amongst other things and I will leave you with this link to my poetry page at my website Cecelia's Place Poetry. (I try to keep that page up to date. lol)

So now you know why I'm not here much. What can I say?
See 'ya at one of these great spots.
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If I live to be 100 years old or write a thousand poems..this will be the signature of my heart.
Thanks for reading it.

We'll be Forever Friends

What began in dawning spring, now is winter's night.

Come walk a ways with me on my journey to the light.

Take my hand; we'll just walk and talk a while.

We'll be forever friends, go that extra mile.

Lots to share and lots to tell... that I am for sure.

I'll tell of hopes and dreams, memories to endure.

I've traveled so many paths, with many a hurt and sting.

Seems like minutes ago, but it was early... in the spring.

I don't know where the time has gone since way back then.

Lots of trouble sorting things out .. the where.... the when.

I remember summer, the warm breeze blowing through my hair,

Laughing memories, “did this”, “did that”, as my life I share.

There were hard times, pain beneath a heavy load. I agree!

Yet there were the times of beauty as far as you could see.

It was in the fall, as leaves turned from green to rust, gold, red,

I took a soulful look at the wandering paths I'd tread.

At times, don't always know the best way I should go.

I get lost! Lose my way...take paths piled deep in snow.

Winter is the greatest challenge, if truth be told .

My head says spring; my body shivers in the cold.

Now I see a turn ahead, one veering to the right.

I know that's your way; I must go toward the light.

Perhaps, beyond that unknown space of where and when,

Our paths will cross, then merge, and we'll be friends again.




April Lindfors said...

Cecelia, I have a blog award for you...come visit my blog to
accept it

LisaB. said...

Cecilia - Love this! It sent chills down my spine.

Cheryl & Em said...

Dear Cecelia,
We really enjoyed your poem "We'll be forever friends." Following is the story that came to mind—to tag along with your musings a bit.
Cheryl and Emerson

Margaret Hall said...

Simply beautiful...You have a lovely blog, and I hope to visit again soon, Cecelia....